Monday, September 19, 2011

CLIP-ONs...not just for ears {DIY Shoe Jewelry}

Have you ever walked through an antique shop, a thrift store, even a department store, and a unique pair of earrings caught your eye? You squealed with glee, grabbed them before the lady beside you could, took them to the mirror to try them on, turned them over to remove the fasteners, only to find out that they're clip-ons! Clip-ons? So 1970s. You were tempted to buy them but didn't because you thought, (a) "the 'clip-on' is going to cut off the circulation to my earlobes" and (b) "I have my ears pierced already so what's the point?"

Good news. Clip-ons are not just for ears. You can use them to prettify your shoes! That's what I did for my wedding. Although I loved my blue, vintage-esque Nine West shoes, I needed to glamorize them to better match the charisma of my dress. So I went to a local antique shop and bought 2 pairs of clips-ons for only $10.

TIP: When shopping, bring your shoes with you. You want to make sure that your feet still fit in your shoes and that you can still walk with the clip-ons on. I didn't do that so I had some trouble on the wedding day. 

A simple DIY that I hope you  l o v e.

First 2 images: Era Mae Ferron
Last 4 images: Bravo Photographers

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