Friday, September 16, 2011

LUMINATO 2011 {better late than never!}

Although Luminato takes place in Toronto every June and it’s now September, I still want to share with you my experience. I hope you’ll be inspired to attend next year.

Garden of Roses
My first visit was to Garden of Roses - a dress inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, created by Denis Gagnon, one of Canada’s iconic fashion designers.

In the beginning, I expected something with more grandeur. More colours. A frock that reflected the animated anthropomorphism of the Disney version that made me delight in nonsensical worlds. But Garden of Roses was subtle. A grown-up, mature Alice perhaps. My preconceived notions gave way to the original version written by Lewis Carroll. Eerie and peculiar. A world untouched by human hands - I think that’s where part of the beauty of the story arises from. Garden of Roses, constructed with fine, translucent material, chains and lace, silvers and creamy white, illustrated the opposite ends of different spectrums: strength and frailty, sensuality and purity, hot and cold.

noun: (1) brown algae with rounded bladders forming dense floating masses in tropical Atlantic waters as in the Sargasso Sea; (2) a mass of floating vegetation...

Philip Beesley’s Sargasso, was a grand piece that breathed. A pioneer in visionary architecture, Beesley married different materials: metal, acrylic, and mylar elements, to create a haunting piece reminiscent of life. The sharp, angular textures had an undeniable fluidity to them. Similar to how many of us would describe life below waters - Sargasso was frighteningly beautiful. I visited this piece at night...after midnight. Quiet and eerie...the perfect time to drink it in.

Garden of Roses


All images: Era Mae Ferron

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