Monday, November 28, 2011

Mason Jars: The Mundane, The Beautiful

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Mason Jar: a glass jar used in canning to preserve food

There is something undeniably comforting about the Mason jar. Doesn't it remind you of childhood, when your mom or your grammy made fresh jellies and jams? These simple looking glass jars hold memories of family excursions to the local farm where you ate more strawberries than you brought home; memories of the sweet aroma of fresh fruit, sugar, and hot water steeping together; memories of finally tasting those delectable jams, preserves, marmalades made with love, by a love, for a love.

Even if this isn't your story, all Mason jars, especially those found in second-hand stores, were a part of this story somewhere in the world. That's why I love Mason jars - they symbolize home, family, and love. 

Stay tuned for a post on the many, many different uses for the Mason jar. DIYers, the following post is for you...

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