Thursday, December 1, 2011

{DIY} 12 Uses for the Mason Jar

Mason Jars should thrill any DIYer! Here are 12 reasons why...

1. Flowers

Placing flowers in Mason jars is a simple way to create centerpieces and accent decor. For an added touch, include fruit, twine, lace, beads...anything that's you.

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2. Luminaries

Place candles anywhere to create a dreamy, romantic ambiance. I love this look at weddings.

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via Intimate Weddings

To learn how to make your own Mason jar lantern, see this tutorial.

3. Organize

No need to buy special organizers. Just finish Grammy's homemade jam, wash out the jar, and you have a new home for your stuff!

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Mason jars + paint = a much needed home for your make-up brushes

Crazy Domestic via Weeping Cherries

Made with sections of wall molding and hose clamps. Hmm!

4. Food

Sometimes presentation is as delicious as the food itself...

via Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body

Want to make this yummy looking salad and the salad dressing too? Check out Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body

5. Drink up!

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Lemonade + Slice of Lemon + Mason Jar = Inventive & No Spillage! 

6. Desserts..oh yum

Desserts in a jar? Nothing cuter, nothing sweeter!

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Slap on a monogram sticker and give to guests at your wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party. Endless, tasty possibilities. Make this yourself? I hope so!...visit Cakies for step-by-step instructions.

via Formal Fringe

For the chocolate lovers (that's me) and the coffee consumers (me again), the Coffee-Scented Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Coffee Buttercream is for us! AND this delectable dessert was posted on my birthday by Formal Fringe. Fate indeed!

7. Utensils

Serving your food, desserts, and drinks in Mason jars? Why not your fork, knife, spoon, and napkin to match?
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8. Invitations

This is the cutest invitation I have ever seen. It's one of those "Oooo Ahhh" invitations. It's one of those invitations that your child, their friends, and their friends' moms will remember for years to come.

via Pottery Barn Kids

Here is the tutorial on how to make some of your own, courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids Studio Design.

9. Paint

Add a splash of colour...

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via Lauren Elise Crafted

These silhouette painted Mason jars are really cute. To make some of your very own, here's the tutorial.

10. Embellishments

Lace, twine, beads, even Epson salts can add some decadence.

You can add Epson salts onto your Mason jar to create these festive candleholders. Visit Crafts by Amanda to learn how. 

via Notes on a Wedding

Visit Notes on a Wedding for the tutorial on adding twine.

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11. Memories

This is perfect for the DIY bride and groom to cleverly personalize their wedding. Show off your engagement pictures and definitely those chubby-cheek baby pictures. Place them on each table and have your guest Ooooing and Ahhhing for hours.
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August & After has a tutorial for this lovely idea.

12. Christmas!

It's fast approaching. I'm sure that your house is beginning to look, smell, and feel more festive as we approach December 25th. DIY projects are that much more special when they're for the holidays!

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Remember snow globes? You can make your own! Visit Martha Stewart's tutorial.

This one's on my to-do list. Candy Cane flavoured cocktail courtesy of Scary Mommy.

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