Monday, December 12, 2011

{DIY} Christmas Cards

I enjoy receiving Christmas cards. I especially enjoy receiving Christmas cards that are handmade. Here are 2 fabulous handmade Christmas card ideas that you may want to try this year. If you have children, these crafts are just perfect for them!

Thumbprint Christmas Lights courtesy of Meet the Dubiens

What you'll need:
- Paper
- Black sharpie
- Paint - lots of colours

1. Using your sharpie, draw a string for your lights on your paper.
2. Stamp your thumb (or your child's) in different colours all along the light string and allow to dry.
3. Using your sharpie again, draw a squiggly for the lightbulb base.

Family Thumbprint Reindeer courtesy of Meet the Dubiens

What you'll need:
- Paper
- Brown paint
- Brown marker
- Googly eyes
- Black and red craft foam
- Glue
- Scissors

1. Stamp everyone's thumbs in brown paint and stamp on your paper. Allow to dry.
2. Using your brown marker, draw antlers for the reindeer.
3. Glue two googly eyes on each reindeer.
4. Cut small circles out of your craft foam for noses and glue on the reindeer.

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