Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Simple {Winter} Proposal for the Elegant Woman

Wow. I really took my vacation seriously. I haven't posted for a while. But in my defense, my family and friends kept me busy this holiday season. I also started and finished reading 1984. A fabulous book. I very highly recommend it.

During the Christmas holiday's, I came across this lovely and simple proposal idea. Men everywhere, pay attention to this. If you're thinking about proposing to a wonderful woman who loves the simple things in life, then this is a beautiful way to propose to her. Grandiosity isn't needed here. Yes, Christmas has past, but you can still propose to her in this fashion. Take her for a stroll in the woods. Bring hot cocoa in a thermos to keep her warm. When she isn't looking, hang the ring in a tree of your choosing (creativity is needed here. Make sure you distract her to give yourself just enough time to hang the ring without tipping her off). For a special touch, use her favourite colour as the yarn to hang that gorgeous diamond engagement ring from. Cover her eyes, whisper sweetness into her ear. Once you've approached the ring at just the right distance, uncover her eyes and voila! She will just adore it. She will say yes. I certainly would.

via Ruffled

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