Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY Valentine's

Needing some last minute DIY Valentine's Day ideas? Here are a few that may make your love (or like) feel special+++

1. Decorate!

Heart Garland

via Oh! Crafts

Materials: Paper, Pencil or Pen; Double-sided tape; Thread; Scissors

  1. Cut the paper into long strips.
  2. Fold the strips of paper in half.
  3. With the help of a pencil, roll up the strip until just before reaching the half.
  4. Use double-sided tape to sandwich thread between the two halves of the curled tops.
  5. String the heart garland together from the bottom up.

Heart Doilies

via Martha Stewart

Materials: Napkins of various colours; Sciccors; Pencil for drawing heart

  1. Position a prefolded square paper napkin so that the closed corner faces you.
  2. Fold right corner toward left corner and flatten, forming a triangle.
  3. Fold left corner toward triangle's longest side and flatten, forming a narrower triangle.
  4. Using scissors, cut a convex arc from triangle to create top of half a heart.
  5. Cut off bottom of triangle from left to right to create lower heart half, leaving at least 1/4 inch intact on right edge. (Left side of triangle will be center of a heart.) Unfold. 
  6. Repeat with napkins in several colors, varying position of cuts to create doilies in different sizes.
There's also an instructional video!

2. Love Cards

3D Heart

This 3D Heart paper card comes from a website called, Duitang. It's a non-English website so I don't have any instructions for you, other than what the picture shows. Doesn't look too difficult though!

via Duitang

Thumbprint Heart

If you want to make a card, but the extent of your drawing abilities ranges from stick people to misshappen hearts, then dipping your thumb in paint may be your best choice. Place it on the front of the words needed.

via We Heart It

Your Heart in my Hand

Remember when you used to trace your hand when you were 5 years old? Those skills will come in 'handy' this Valentine's Day.

via Pinterest

3. Food (my personal favourite)

I Like*Love the way you Roll

No instructions needed here. Yum!

via Pinterest

Heart-Shaped Cupcakes

via Apartment Therapy
via Muses of Megret

Materials: Muffin tin; Cupcake paper liners; Marbles or Aluminum Foil (formed into 1/2" balls)

  1. Line a tin with paper liners.
  2. Drop a marble in between the tin and liner or use 1/2" balls of aluminum foil.
  3. Pour in your cupcake mix and bake!

Rice Krispie Heart Pops

Oh yum. For a 'How-To', visit, Korean American Mommy.

via Korean American Mommy

4. Miscellaneous

Heart Attack (the good kind)

This gift is fabulous! Cut-out hearts of all sizes and colours. No card needed - the recipient will get the point.

Visit The House That Lars Built for more images.

Hearts of Glass

I can't sew. But I'm sure some of you can make couture frocks in your sleep. So this DIY may just be for you and your glasses-wearing love.

via Moorea Seal

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