Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowlify your Party

I just came back from grocery shopping. I normally wouldn't dare face grocery stores on weekends, but I'm throwing a Super Bowl party...for 2 - my best friend and me. If you're throwing a party (for more than 1 guest), you still have time to Super Bowlify your party...


Snack Stadium
(You may need a diagram for this)

Buffalo Chicken Cornbread Cupcake with 
Blue Cheese Buttercream Frosting 
Oh Wow. Somebody HAS to make this...don't forget to report back!
Find the recipe here!
via Geekosystem

Guacamole 'Field' Dip

Football Field, Mason Jar Popcorn


Football Cupcakes

Rice Krispie Footballs

Strawberry Footballs 
(Always throw in a health snack for good measure)


Football Drinking Box
This is cute. You can make this easily with some construction paper and a friend.

'Special' Gummy Bears
Ok. This isn't a drink per se. Rather, a 'drink' is added. Pour cautiously....


Football Vase
Looks like a construction paper project!

Real Grass Centrepiece
You may need to raid little Timmy's toy trunk or check out your local dollar store for the players.

Football Place Mats
Another DIY! Find the 'how-to' here.
via Chica And Jo

All other images via Pinterest

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