Friday, July 20, 2012

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Office space! If you're a nerd like moi, than the words "office space", in that particular order, make you giddy because thoughts of wide desks, piles of books, damask chairs, Smoke Blue walls, jewel-tipped pushpins, antique chandeliers for looks, not so much light, because you have a large window that expands one entire wall so that natural light can flood in, swim in your head.

I am currently typing this blog post in my home office, which is a mismatch of things, such as speaker boxes and my old nursing textbooks, holding up a grey platform, which makes into a very functional shelf. This is my brother's old office - before he moved to Australia (if you missed the post about his birthday present, check it out here: {Real Life} A Virtual Birthday Present). Anyways, very creative of him, but now that I have moved in here, it isn't very inspiring. But when I see what people do to their office, the luxury that an office space can exude, then I get excited. One day, you wait and see, I'll have an office space just like one of these. And I'll never leave it. Only to eat and to watch Mad Men.

Love: the mix of eras and textures! I would use different chairs though.

Love: glass - mirror and desk.

Love: the size! 3 people can work in this space!

Love: black walls, black floors. black is everywhere.

Love: a closet can be your office. size isn't an issue when creativity is involved.

Love: blue decadence, antique furnishings. 

Love: sloping ceilings, unusually-shaped built-in bookcase, Victorian sofa, white everything. 

all images via Pinterest.

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