Saturday, March 13, 2010

kiss me please... im stained!

red lip stain wedding makeup, images by Will Whipple via

Red, pink, plum, nude, sheer, matte, gloss, lacquer- when you start thinking about lipstick for your wedding day suddenly there are sooo many options! One product I'm loving right now is a lip stain, for lips that look like you've been eating summer strawberries or happily smooching your fiance. Not too dark, not too saturated, not too glossy, just a slightly-richer-than-your-natural-lip-color stain that soaks in and sticks around through kisses and smiles and sips of champagne! Take a look at some great current lip options below...

red and pink lip stains for bridal makeup

Wedding lipstains clockwise from top left:

NARS Lip Lacquer from
Laura Mercier Lip Stain from

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