Tuesday, April 20, 2010

seal me..

Picking out invitations. finalizing the list of guests. adding in your registry card. oops don't forget directions!

As you know there is much more to invitations than just the invite. so while your at it why not make it more complicated... I happen to think that a good invite is found in the little details. Little details that may look complicated but 'now a days' can be done in seconds.

I happen to adore vintage inspired wedding details and incorporating personal touches in wedding decor. A great way to achieve both of those with one element is by using a wax seal! Not only do they add a romantic touch, you can personalize them, design your own logo, as well as purchase PRE MADE ones!!

Whether they’re on bottles, place cards, or used to close your invites, wax seals are a beautiful addition to wedding decor. Wax seals have been used for centuries and I don’t think they’re going out of style anytime soon!

*** to carry on from our peacock story i found a peacock seal yayyy ***

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