Monday, May 24, 2010

Modern Day Wedding Chuppah

Traditionally used in Jewish weddings, the Chuppah has become a modern day decor trend around the world. It consists of a cloth or sheet — stretched or supported over four poles. Not only does the structure add depth & visual interest it also represents a deeper meaning - as the Chuppah symbolizes the home the couple will build together.

The concept of the traditional Chuppah can be customized to fit your wedding design, vision and budget. Be sure to assess the altar space of your venue, take measurements and calculate your budget costs. Current trends for Chuppahs involve a rustic feel made with branches/bark or using trees to tie the canopy on. Other trends involve super chic fabrics and candlelight. It all depends on your ceremony space and how you want to represent this special altarpiece.

Take a look at some of my favourite Chuppah inspirations:

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