Sunday, June 13, 2010

A (very) Creative Edge: Using your Menu to Personalize your Day

As a bride, you spend a lot of time thinking about ways to personalize their guest book, escort card table, floral, attire and stationery. However, one of the things that we like to encourage our clients, is to personalize the day with food. Food and wine are so tied to moments of celebration (the restaurant you went to when you got engaged, the wine you drank when you had your first date) and cultural ties that it’s a shame that for all of these years wedding food has gotten such a bad rap and, more often been the step child of all the other decisions that couples make when it comes to weddings.

Even if you are working in a venue that seems to offer pretty cookie-cutter cuisine, put some thought into some things that might be easy enough to add or incorporate into your day. Perhaps they can replicate a special bread your grandmother used to bake or try and replicate a dessert from your favorite restaurant. We’ve had restaurants work on making a dad’s jerk chicken recipe or a favorite family dessert. Don’t be afraid to ask.Filet Mignon And if you are working with an off-premise caterer, these are the kinds of questions they should be asking. Where do you like to eat? What is your background? What tastes do you love? Your menu is another way to express yourselves, and in some ways, it’s the most profound.. because it’s the one thing that everyone communally gathers around.

*First publish April 2010, Always A Blogsmaid - The Art of Entertaining

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