Saturday, July 24, 2010

Make your own Photobooth

The Photo-booth, a new but already soo popular addition to the Reception, and what a way to remember your guests. I happen to LOVE this idea, and when I finally tie that knot, you better believe there will be one of these, and yes it will be a HIT.

Some couples set the mood with a simple cloth background, and others with printed playful backgrounds and PROPS. Such as: Lamps, Empty Frames, Letters, Sofa's, Umbrellas, Glasses, Hats, Lips & Mustaches on sticks…. Anything you can Imagine! Even Better, add your own personal touch with personalized props. For example: As a boot and light lover, I'd probably have an assortment of embarrassing rain/winter boots with a background FULL of lanterns & twinkle lights, and well maybe a moustache or two.

Take a look at some of these great couples backdrops, so original and oh soo memorable.

Photo Cred: JennyJ Photography
Photo Cred: The Wed Hub

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