Monday, August 9, 2010


Found this article in the Living section of the Toronto Star & couldn't resist sharing this winning formula for an unusual wedding...

The couple

When Aneil Gokhale, a self-described dork proposed marriage to Nicole Cheung-Seekit, an admitted science geek using the letters on a Scrabble board, it was inevitable the wedding would come with a high nerd alert.

From the initial “Nicole I Love You. Will You Marry Me,” to the weird science-themed reception, the couple honoured their commitment to the nerd within.

Certainly the two wedding ceremonies, Catholic and Hindu, held July 10, would be romantic and respectful of their religious and cultural traditions.

But cool?

Not so much.

For example:

The invitation was decorated with an intricate cobweb of connected molecules.

The reception's venue — where else — The Ontario Science Centre.

The seating arrangements: Each of the 31 tables was labelled according to the elements of the Periodic Table — Helium and Hydrogen, for starters.

It gets better.

The centrepieces on each table: Beakers and graduated cylinders filled with flowers. (The table arrangements could be taken home by the guest at each table whose name on a Scrabble board had the highest number of points.)

Entertainment: Two Van de Graaff generators — those weird science electrostatic generators that make your hair stand out when touched.

Parting Gift: A donation made to a charity significant to the couple — Pathways to Education, a program aimed at ensuring young at-risk students remain in school.

Read more about this genius wedding at written by the Toronto Star's David Graham at:
My Big Fat Geek Wedding -

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