Friday, February 4, 2011

A splash of colour

One of the most important aspects of designing an event is selecting the colour scheme. William of has some bright ideas and inspirations to help set the tone for your event’s ambiance. The proper use of colour reflects an occasion of importance and not a haphazardly, thrown-together party.

With that in mind, here are three of William's key factors to keep in mind when choosing colours for your event:

1. Consider the palette of the selected venue where your celebration will be held. If your shades blend, match or coordinate well with those of the existing d├ęcor, you are in business. Colours that work well with those of the venue will make your motif cohesive and clean, allowing the embellishments to shine.

2. The way colour affects the human psyche can inspire the mood of your guests. Lively vibrant combinations can invigorate a party and those in attendance, while muted gentle tones can relax and mellow the crowd. For example, hot, sexy red tones inspire a sultry, romantic vibe, just as celadon and black exude sophistication. Deciding how to tint your event will influence its story while evoking your chosen mood if done correctly.

3. Lastly, consider the season and time of year. While tones are typically darker for winter and brighter for summer, it is ok to break the norm. Consider punching up winter hues with lighter tones for an exciting contrast and tone. For example, pair burgundy with melon-orange for a combo that feels winter warm yet still light.

Sometimes all it takes is slowing down for a second and taking a look around you to uncover your wedding’s colour inspiration. Once you have decided on a well-thought-out and cohesive colour scheme, the next elements of your party will more easily come together.

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