Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the blues.

FTC Canada's Blue & White Charity Gala. 03.07.2010.

Whether you've got the blues or there's another colour on your mind - The use of light can transform the atmosphere of a small party or large scale event.

Tight budget? Candles & small battery operated lights (like the ones placed under the vases below) are an inexpensive way to create an intimate, chic feel in any space.

FTC's warehouse turned cool-blue cocktail lounge.

gallery inspired design.

trendy dessert station. cheesecake lollipops.

FTC Canada, responds to the needs of children and their families, in Canada and around the world, by providing food, medicine, education and other essentials with Christian love, compassion and integrity.

Learn more about FTC @ ftccanada.ca

event design = Blush Affairs
catering = Appetizingly Yours
a/v = Sound Sensation
photo credit = Carrie Mitton; Blush

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