Monday, September 13, 2010

the perfect fit.

Shopping for the perfect wedding gown should be a fun & memorable experience. However, it's often easy to become overwhelmed & discouraged along the way.

Not every girl will have that "ah ha" moment & that is perfectly okay. My golden rule is to select the gown that makes you feel like the very best version of yourself.

Here are three tips that should help you in the search for the perfect wedding gown:

Be Body Aware: Want what you don’t have? Long legs, slim neck, height, smaller hips … whatever you’ve got on your laundry list called: “I wish my body was”, a couture gown is designed and made to eliminate, distract & augment, which is why you’ll pay top dollar for it. Whether you go the couture route or not, be sure to compare what cuts and styles suit your body type rather than selecting a gown because it has the embellishments you want.

Bring A Man: Women get caught up in the details and look at the dress rather than the woman in the dress, & they decide if they love it by how they feel about the lace, flowers & other details. Men are more apt to look at the overall effect and say, what every woman wants to hear: “You look hot”. Ask them what they think about the flower detail & they’ll probably ask “what flowers?”

Be "Biased"
: Want fullness and layers without poof? Select a gown that’s cut on the bias. While there is 3-4 more times the amount of fabric wasted in the process (which drives up the price of the dress) a bias-cut skirt will not bunch & so it will never have the “muffin effect” that straight-cut gowns will have.

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