Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cupcakes In a Jar! The Latest Cupcake Craze

Cupcakes in a jar are the hot thing right now. Who knew? My dear friend Brenna did - She so kindly shared this delicious insight with me.

This new cupcake phenomenon has been seen on The Today Show and in O Magazine. Cupcakes in a jar, it turns out, are like the illicit love child of cake pops and those jarred cake mixes ubiquitous in holiday gift-giving.

What a perfect presentation when displaying a dessert, or a sweet treat to wrap up a great event. Tag, label or ribbon the jars with lids intact for a fun and festive take away gift (don't forget to include a spoon for the journey home).

Have you tried one of these mashed confections of cake and frosting?

Brave enough attempt? Check out

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