Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal Petals.

With Kate and William’s wedding quickly approaching, I began to wonder how the flowers featured in Kate’s bouquet would influence bridal florals this year.

In an interview featured by Response Source, celebrity florist Nick Priestly notes that historically, royal brides have remained traditional while incorporating personal touches. He predicts that "Kate will have a traditional shaped bouquet of trailing wired flowers to include calla lilies (her favourite flower), white daffodils to signify the fact William is the Prince of Wales and Fair Trade Kenyan roses to signify William’s charity work in Africa and the place of their engagement. An alternative twist would be to add a touch of sapphire blue colour to match her stunning engagement ring in the form of muscari, hyacinths or delphihiums. This would of course draw attention to the late Princess Diana’s ring and evoke her memory.”

What do you think?

Do you have a strong cultural heritage, or have you traveled to places significant to you and your spouse? Would you incorportate floral or colour accents to represent the importance of your family, your experiences or cultural ties?

~Jaffree Brown

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  1. I am pretty much obsessed with this elegant bouquet of taupe, cream & champagne Fair Trade Kenyan Roses. Absolutely stunning.

  2. I love bouquets of Calla and Orchids

  3. So what flowers exactly is in this bouquet as I would LOVE to have this as my bridal bouquet!

  4. Can anyone tell me what flowers this bouquet is comprised of?